Elevate Your Customer Experience with Scribing: Communications

At TruScribe, we’re proud of our passion for communication.  It’s what allows us to continually use the principles of Scribology to create engaging, highly retainable content for clients. We call what we do Scribing, and it’s a perfect solution to your communications problems.  

Scribing means taking our design principles and applying them to messaging and visual storytelling for comprehensible, memorable communication.

Let’s look at some examples of how Scribing can revamp your communications, both internally and externally.

Raising awareness about an event or cause has never been easier than with Scribing.  Drive up excitement with a memorable video trailer or infographic poster. Use graphic recording to make signing up an engaging exercise in self-expression.

Scribe for Social Good

Scribe for activism as well as organizational events with videos and infographics. With strong visuals reinforcing your message, promoting a cause gets even easier.  

Give your audience easy entry to advocacy by cutting out excess text on your materials. Present this information with a familiar glyph or icon to represent the movement.

It might seem hard to make a PSA interesting—unless you’re using Scribing to make a truly standout announcement.  When your message is crucial, engage TruScribe’s principled content creation to make sure that your information is attention-getting and retainable.

Scribe the Latest News

Similarly, when your organization has a press release, use tone and visuals to make sure your message is heard. Whether your message is exciting or sensitive, TruScribe’s expert creators will craft the right images to match your ideas.

Scribe the Otherwise Dull Stuff

Rules and regulations might be vital, but they don’t always command engagement when discussed. That is of course unless you were to use Scribing to change that. With interesting, attention-getting visuals, a strong script, and an effective voice, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your listeners are hearing and retaining your message.

Consider Scribing to assist in other situations where an explanation is necessary, but potentially dry.  When you need to explain the impact of a legislative decision on an industry, show it to them with hand-drawn images and engaging design principles.

Any legislative result can be better articulated through Scribing. So even if you’re not talking to a whole industry, partner with TruScribe to truly get the salient points across to your audience.  With an interesting visual story, your audience won’t even feel the “dryness” of the subject. They’ll take the lessons they’ve learned home.

Scribe Your Message for the World

When your company has something to say to the public, don’t just say it—Scribe it.  Whether your company needs to provide a reaction to a local or global emergency, or otherwise comment on recent events, go beyond a phoned-in speech.  Show that you take your messaging seriously by engaging TruScribe’s whiteboard production abilities.

Scribe Your Story

What about your mission, generally?  Do you ever feel like your organization’s goals and practices are too complex to be simply explained?  With Scribing, that does not have to be the case. TruScribe’s skilled copywriters and expert editors and artists can help you zero in your key messages, making even the most complicated topics straightforward and comprehensible.

Then, there are a myriad of lower-profile situations in which Scribing can transform your customer experience in communications.

Scribe to Move Beyond PowerPoint

Scribe to Spice up your routine PowerPoint presentations with fun, engaging images and a memorable visual story.  Add a principled visual element to a recorded interview.  

From data to images, your expert interview deserves all the support it can get to make the insights retainable and attention-grabbing.  Let Scribing focus viewers’ attention on key moments, and supercharge your interview’s effectiveness.

Scribe to Complement Your Podcast

Do you have a podcast that you’d like to amplify?  Scribe for a visual language as well as a spoken one. Give people a reason beyond your title to engage with your podcast. Or go a step further with individual graphics for each episode, and give your listeners another great reason to come back for the next installment.

Scribe Your Creativity!

Ever seen a whiteboard music video?  TruScribe has, and believe us—it works.  So when you’re ready to record your music video, differentiate yourself from the vast majority of videos with content that’s engaging and memorably distinct.  Get just the right images to truly make your song pop.

Got an exhibit, gallery, or display you’d like to present with some extra panache?  Scribe for fantastic exhibitions!  Create a visual story that guides visitors through your space, through infographics, video screens, or more.  Make your gala or debut an unforgettable, fun experience.

For younger audiences, Scribing can be a great educational resource.  All the above points about engagement and retention as the result of Scribology of action apply to children just as well.  Scribe to include engaging visuals, and to improve students’ ability to retain their lessons.

And when you’re promoting a town or city event, or simply highlighting the attributes of a location, Scribe your way to engaging, memorable introduction videos and useful infographics.

Scribing can radically improve your communications, adding engagement and retention to the messages that matter the most to you and your audiences.  Can you think of other ways to communicate with Scribing?  Which approach would you try first?  We’d love to hear about it!