Elevate your Employee Experience with Scribing: Internal Communications

It’s rare to hear that a business does not care about their internal communications – and for good reason.  If a company’s messaging is indecipherable, contradictory, insincere, or otherwise ineffective, employees can be left confused and frustrated.  Luckily, most businesses care greatly about their communications.

So how can you give your communications the boost they need to keep you at the top of your game?

Use Scribing in Training

Let’s begin by considering the role of hand-drawn creative content in internal communications with new employees. Scribing is TruScribe’s principled methodology of content creation. In a training session or class, Scribing can bring engagement and heightened rates of retention to your attendees through eye-catching hand-drawn visuals that reinforce the instructor’s message.

In those training sessions, sometimes the less tangible aspects of the business can be difficult to communicate simply.  Your organization’s mission could be one of these, but with Scribing, it doesn’t have to be.  

Engage Your Team During Presentations

TruScribe artists are adept at rendering even abstract concepts like fairness or charity. Partner with TruScribe for an infographic, a whiteboard video, or graphic recording that reinforces a speaker’s live thoughts to visualize these abstractions and drive up retention rates and engagement.

Introduce New Technology or Ideas

Introducing new concepts through Scribing doesn’t have to be limited to new employees.  Scribe to make the history of your company, product, or founding members come alive for employees in new and engaging ways.


With simple, straightforward imagery, make your organization’s history an exciting visual story that employees will retain long after the discussion.

Share Important Announcements with Scribing

Similarly, introduce new leadership or company direction with Scribing for a truly memorable first impression.  Infographics let employees trace the new direction from inception through implementation. Lighthearted videos use hand-drawn visuals that showcase a leader’s creative side. Meetings where employees draw alongside an artist allow the new leadership to introduce themselves. With these tools at your disposal, you’ll see higher engagement and more retention of crucial messages.

Explain Complex Information

History and personnel aside, some explanations and introductions can be a bit more difficult. A new strategic initiative can be complex, so Scribe for a better way to introduce these kinds of concepts.  

TruScribe’s expert artists hand-draw all our images with the collaboration of your company. With the right images, your infographic, whiteboard video, or graphic recording session will alleviate your challenges.  Strong synchronization of audio and visual elements, the motion of the human hand, and more will ensure that even the driest subject matter commands attention and sticks with viewers after the presentation.

Key changes during a merger or complicated regulations can be communicated extremely effectively through Scribing.  When you need to articulate long-term shifts, Scribing mediates the complex subject matter without losing any of the message.  

Scribing Makes Your Internal Communications Memorable

TruScribe’s dedication to straightforward designs and principled visual storytelling adds an engaging and relatable human element to the discussion. This increases retention of these highly important messages.

Day to day internal communications can benefit greatly from Scribing.  Transform how you document your annual report with engaging visuals. They will draw the eye to the most important parts and clearly delineate the most important data.

When making a timeline of key events in a given year or period, Scribe a timeline that’s not only accurate but engaging and interesting.  During a PowerPoint presentation, Scribe for a great additional element.  

PowerPoint might not draw engagement instantly, but when introduced or paired with a TruScribe infographic or whiteboard video, you’ll have your audience’s attention—and retention.

Recap Important Information

After an event or meeting, use Scribing for its retention-boosting abilities, and highlight key topics with just the right visuals.  Give out an infographic or video that summarizes those key points, and you’ll benefit from TruScribe’s ability to drive up engagement and retention. Plus, you’ll have given an immediately reviewable artifact to your employees.  

Even if part of your event slips their mind over time, Scribing for these events will give them an easy way to get back up to speed.  And you can Scribe for more than just key points at such events. Creating a visual capture of a meeting or conference can do wonders for team unity and message retention.  A hand-drawn infographic or whiteboard video will help employees remember an event they all shared. It keeps the crucial information of that event in mind.

Connect Through Hand-Drawn Content

Another great use of Scribing for internal communications is to evoke emotion.  No matter the situation, evoking emotion in your audience causes higher engagement and greater rates of retention.  

So when you Scribe to evoke joy, your employees will be highly invested in your figures.  When you need a healthy sense of frustration to drive a change in performance, strive to evoke that frustration with human forms and relatable visual storytelling.

Scribing is Fun!

Speaking of joy, stir exactly that feeling by Scribing your event previews and company celebrations.  Replace standard email or printed invitations to conferences, events, or meetings with graphics and content that will surprise and stick with your recipients.  

When the brain is surprised, it releases dopamine, which causes the brain to become and remain curious—about your event.

And when the event itself is already linked to emotion, Scribe right along with it.  Celebrate company anniversaries, milestones, and more with upbeat messaging buoyed by fun, simple designs and principled boosts to engagement and retention.

Connect Your Remote Team through Scribing

Finally, scribing lets you design your internal communications remotely with the whiteboard production process at TruScribe.  This is particularly true as remote communications matter more than ever.

Scribing doesn’t require you to be physically present.  Collaborate via file-sharing platforms, email, and the telephone, and Scribe your way to stronger communications with no travel required.

It’s always a good time to improve your internal communications, and scribing with TruScribe is a partnership that lets you to Scribe for success.