Elevate your Employee Experience with Scribing: Human Resources

Human Resources can be perhaps described as a function that aims to hire, develop, and retain employees. In practice, however, the many sub-functions that fall under the Human Resources umbrella make the role considerably more involved and nuanced than the “get, grow, and keep” model would imply. 

That’s why TruScribe urges HR professionals to consider Scribing for simpler, more effective operations: to make a vital and complex position more straightforward and easily executed. 

Let’s look at some of the ways Scribing can improve HR functions in your organization.


Starting with recruitment, Scribing can make applying for positions more attractive than ever.  Partner with TruScribe to create infographics or whiteboard videos to promote recruitment, or use graphic recording at an event like a job fair to draw attention in-person. With Scribing, you’ll get the engagement boost you need to promote interest in your organization.

Explanation of Benefits

Once you’ve got that interest, maintain it as you outline benefits.  Scribing is great for this kind of explanatory moment, as hand-drawn visuals reinforcing a message will drive up the engagement you’ve gotten so far from a candidate. It will also increase their retention of the information, so even if they walk away without committing, your enticing offer will stay at the top of their minds.


Scribing is also a fantastic onboarding tool.  Instead of the usual bland packet of information and strictures, bring new employees into the fold with an infographic or whiteboard video that will surprise and interest them. 

Strong visual storytelling might not be what many people think of when they think of onboarding, but it’s exactly what TruScribe’s experts will bring to your new employees.

Tutorials and Employee Training

Students and employees alike can benefit from the tutorial abilities that Scribing can afford your organization. From evergreen whiteboard videos and infographics that can be distributed and reviewed indefinitely, to graphic recording that encourages interactivity and participation in training sessions, Scribing can make learning and development far simpler, more engaging, and more retainable.  

Scribing can be even more useful for teaching some of the intangible or abstract parts of your message, such as educating new employees on the core values of the company.  TruScribe’s experienced artists can take these crucial yet rarely visualized concepts and create just the right images to make them interesting and memorable for your staff.

Explain Policies and Procedures

The same can be said for Scribing an explanation of performance management philosophy.  Set your employees at ease at the beginning, and for the duration, of the discussion by Scribing to evoke positivity and understanding.  Reinforcing your message with TruScribe drawings will lead to greater retention of that message after the discussion, and a greater likelihood that employees will act in accordance with that philosophy.

Positivity and understanding can go a long way towards heightening the effectiveness of communications. When you need to cover controversial HR topics, Scribe for an appropriate tone that keeps the message at the foreground while maintaining a comfortable learning environment for employees.  

Difficult Topics

Sometimes, the best way to address a difficult topic is by including a bit of humor in the presentation.  Scribing for humor creates a positive, engaging emotional connection between the listeners and the message.  It can break tension and allow employees to feel safe even when discussing difficult ideas or events.  Evoking emotion is one of the greatest strengths of Scribing, so why not put that strength to work where it matters most?

Of course, topics can be difficult for different reasons, and in different ways. Scribing can improve the engagement and retention rates of topics that present challenges due to their dryness, and it can do the same for topics that are far from dry but emotionally troublesome.  

From policy and procedural changes, which might be emotionally neutral but complex and lengthy, to layoffs or other unfortunate company changes, Scribing can make tough talks easier.  By relieving tension with hand-drawn images, identifiable human forms, and more, TruScribe’s expert creators can increase employees’ engagement with difficult material.  And since all Scribing is intended to reinforce your message above all else, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your communication is heard and retained.

Celebrate with Scribing!

Finally, don’t forget to Scribe for the happy occasions!  Create employee appreciation videos for special occasions, like anniversaries, birthdays, and more. Remind your team that you value them and that they’re all in this together, and help them remember to celebrate each other.

Scribe to talk about the difficult and the joyous, and from the beginning of an employee’s journey throughout their time with your organization.  Whenever your HR department needs to see more engagement and retention on message—regardless of that message—TruScribe is ready and excited to collaborate. 

Scribe for Human Resources success.