Elevate Your Employee Experience with Scribing: Training and Development

Training can provide a host of challenges, from maintaining attendee attention to cost and many others. As necessary as training is, it’s natural to feel like those challenges are unavoidable. Thankfully, however, they don’t need to be.

By approaching your training and development with Scribing—the TruScribe method of visualizing your message through proven design principles—we know you’ll see the process differently. 

So how can you improve training and development with Scribing?

Use During a Presentation

When you’re giving a presentation, the last thing you want to see is a room filled with glazed eyes.  With Scribing, you can keep those eyes locked on what really matters with an engaging backdrop.  With hand-drawn images underscoring your spoken message, attendees won’t just pay closer attention: they’ll retain your message better after they leave.

PowerPoint Alternative

On a similar note, we’ve probably all experienced a time when our carefully crafted PowerPoint presentation failed to hold the interest of viewers. Collaborate with TruScribe on an alternative to PowerPoint instead, and your message will stand out to viewers in a way that’s not only engaging but memorable. Give your audience something they haven’t seen before: principled content created in partnership with TruScribe’s experts.

Introduce a Meeting

What about before the presentation or meeting begins?  Scribe for an easier way into training and development events with a whiteboard video that relieves tension and sets a positive tone.  With simple designs that are as appealing as they are effortless to digest, your video will lift employees’ moods at the same time it readies them for the topic at hand.

And as followup!

And after? How might you be ensure that takeaways from breakout sessions and similar discussions are retained by attendees? Why, with Scribing, of course: visualize those takeaways with a great infographic or whiteboard video, and attendees will have material to look back over.  

Scribology, the set of design principles that TruScribe professionals utilize, promotes higher rates of retention already; combine that retention boost with something reviewable, and your takeaways have a phenomenal chance of long-term retention.

Make Training Interactive

Scribing can also be a great interactive tool for training and development, in more ways than one. TruScribe’s graphic recording services, in which an artist hand-draws imagery to support a presenter’s speech live or virtually, can create memorable experiences for employees that will improve their retention of the meeting’s key messages.  

Involve Employees with Scribing

Scribe for even more retention, and engagement, by involving your employees in the graphic recording. When they draw with the artist, they’ll experience heightened engagement and will find the presentation (and, crucially, the message) far more memorable and actionable.

Another great way that Scribing can add engagement and retention through employee interaction is through cross-functional collaboration.  When you engage TruScribe to collaborate on a video, infographic, or graphic recording session, let multiple functions have a say in how that final product turns out.  

When employees from different functions work together, team unity increases—and what better way to improve team unity than by designing strong company messaging together?

Engage Employees Remotely

Even if your employees are not physically together, Scribing can keep their engagement up and improve their retention in events like webinars.  

It’s common to lose the attention of some webinar attendees, as a talking head on a computer screen might not be the most engaging thing to all employees.  With Scribing, by contrast, they’ll be looking at visuals that directly reinforce your message, and provide a stimulating uptick in engagement.

Employees in the field, such as salespeople, can also benefit from Scribing.  Give your salespeople an infographic or whiteboard video they can easily bring along to discussions with prospective customers, and they’ll have an easier time internalizing the material.  

Along with the message retention they’ll gain, your salespeople can show prospects their visual aids, showcasing the professionalism of their presentation, engaging the prospect, and leaving a lasting positive impression of your brand.

Back at the office, reconsider your training materials through the lens of Scribing.  Does teaching Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) seem consistently dry or laborious, despite the importance of the information?  

Scribing can take almost any topic and change the way your employees engage with it and retain it. Consider partnering with TruScribe to make the crucial-yet-dense parts of training easier to digest and recall for your employees.

Present Policies and Procedures

The same goes for safety policies and procedures: no one would argue that these can be neglected, but too often learners might struggle to maintain focus on the material.  Scribe to make this information relatable, engaging, and important to employees.  With eye-catching visuals undergirding your presentation, these policies and procedures will take on a new level of memorability and relevance.

Scribing can change not only the way you present your training and development materials, but the materials themselves.  When you create a whiteboard video or infographic with TruScribe for training materials, you’re able to create evergreen materials: materials that can be used indefinitely, created for a one-time price.  

When it comes to company culture, ethics, or any policy that your organization foresees undergoing minimal change, Scribe for evergreen training content.

Upgrade Your Existing Content

Finally, Scribing can reinvigorate existing training materials your organization may have to create fresh, engaging content.  Maybe you have a handbook with great information but dated language, or a video whose message still matters but looks too fuzzy to maintain engagement.  

Partner with TruScribe to take the best parts of these materials and give them an updated look and impact.  You may be right to think that those materials no longer work in your business—but with Scribing, you can revitalize those materials and avoid starting from scratch.

Scribing adds engagement and boosts retention, which is exactly what any trainer hopes to see in their sessions.  Improve presentations.  Give your salespeople something to remember and show.  Involve your employees directly in Scribing at meetings and seminars.  And create great evergreen content you can use again and again.  Improve your training and development with Scribing.