Great Nonprofit Opportunity! Scribe For Action 2016

Want to tell the world about your amazing nonprofit?

Apply now for consideration- your nonprofit could receive a full-service TruScribe whiteboard animation video at no cost.

TruScribe is passionate about helping your nonprofit succeed. Since 2011, TruScribe has created pro bono whiteboard animation videos for many nonprofits, including: DevEd, Blank on Blank, Magazine Literacy, Things of My Very Own, Inc., American Cancer Society, and TEDx.

And in 2016, TruScribe will award four selected nonprofits whiteboard animation software and a professionally produced whiteboard animation video created by our dedicated team of professional writers, voice talent and expert artists. Our Scribe For Action program provides a unique opportunity for nonprofits to share their message for promotions and program enrichment.  TruScribe videos are created with Scribology using principles of neuroscience which means they’ll help you get your message out there in a way that’s more memorable and more effective. Our videos are perfect for multiple distribution channels, including social media, emails, presentations and more.

2016 is the first year wherein each recipient will receive a free one-year subscription (for up to 10 staff members) to our groundbreaking TruScribe whiteboard animation software– which means content creation capabilities all year long, free of charge.

If you’re involved in a nonprofit with a message you want to promote, or you know of an exceptional nonprofit who may benefit from TruScribe’s services and software, visit Scribe For Action.

Fill out your application here. International, national and local nonprofits of all sizes are encouraged to apply.

Applications close August 15, 2016 and the nonprofits selected for awards will be announced September 15, 2016. Video productions will begin October, 2016.

Visit TruScribe on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for updates and to see TruScribe videos created for 2015 Scribe For Action recipients.

Thanks for your interest. We look forward to seeing your applications and learning about your nonprofit organization!