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3 Common Fears of Scriptwriting

Communication doesn’t always come naturally. We’ve all been there – in that meeting where everyone is supposedly talking about the same topic, but consensus is difficult to find. Or at that event where the speaker talks for half an hour or more but somehow the main point leaves our brain the minute the speaker steps

These days, we’re bombarded by countless distractions during every waking hour. It’s easy to get distracted by breaking news alerts. And it’s tempting to spend hours grazing social media sites. But once a year on Valentine’s Day, we have the opportunity to step back and think about who and what we truly love.  Love is

Love ‘em or hate ‘em (much like your favorite football team or the rival team you despise) Super Bowl Ads are a perennial barometer of our nation’s collective zeitgeist. Since a single 30-second ad placement can cost five million dollars, you can bet there’s a lot of valuable marketing brainpower behind each one. Sure, there

Outgrowing into Something New

We all outgrow…into things. Children outgrow their clothes, teenagers – hugs in front of friends, adults – the home they grew up in, college habits, and so on. At some point, we start growing into things. We grow into our careers, the families we create, lasting friendships. Businesses and startups can be like this too.

Change in 2019.

The word “change” is simultaneously a buzzword, a pivotal idea and a fact of life.  Change can be fluid, signaling a shift in focus or energy. Change is informative- no matter the change, typically everyone learns something from it, whether it be about a topic or themselves.  Change can be a catalyst for a full-on

Year of the Whiteboard!

Where do new ideas get legs? The Whiteboard.  Recent years have shown, however, that the many divides of the business landscape across verticals and disciplines are indeed being bridged. The silos are coming down.  In 2017 alone, we have seen marketing and product teams collaborating more than ever, company leadership embedding itself within their sales

Do you have a content plan for the next quarter? The times of the billboard and flashing lights are dead as technology trends increase and truly map the path for innovation in our future. With this technology transition over the last couple of years we have seen the death of MySpace (which started it all!)

Motion and the Lizard Brain

The lizard brain asks, “what was that movement you just saw? Was it a predator? Perhaps it was a small rodent scurrying into the brush…dinner? Or maybe it was an image brimming with meaning…” Hmm, there’s a thought – you in a forest of images, each of which was created to impart a message. “You”

When I’m looking for inspiration while drawing I will often simply start doodling. From a series of random marks and lines, my eye naturally begins to pick out a form it recognizes. I continue to draw and develop this form, keeping my intentions detached from any thoughts of “right” or “wrong” marks. The overall integrity