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Minimalism in Design
Simple, minimalist design is more than just a trend. In today’s noisy and distracting world, your audience appreciates it when your content quickly gets to the point.
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What questions should you ask when selecting a whiteboard video company?
Ask these questions to understand a whiteboard video company's mindset, personnel, process, and philosophy and option for your business.
How to use whiteboard videos for internal training
Every new hire needs to learn their employer’s processes, expectations, culture, and more. Whiteboard videos are perfect for internal training videos.
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Content Marketing FAQ's

5 Video Content Marketing FAQs

Let’s discuss the five most frequently asked questions about video content marketing, and see if it’s time your company joined the movement.
Visual Storytelling FAQ's
Visual storytelling is a highly-efficient method of sending a message that is engaging and retainable. Here are some FAQ's on visial storytelling.
Content Marketing and Strategy
Content marketing strategy is guidelines and governance in employing content marketing. It nails down the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of your content marketing.
Scribology at the Movies
Let's uncover Scribology's visual design principles at work in Jaws - one of history’s greatest films - to see how visual design choices make great cinema.
How to Write Online Scripts for B2B Companies

How to Write B2B Video Scripts

Follow these tips on how to write B2B video scripts that connect with your audience. You will drive interest, and soon revenue, to your brand.
Scriptwriting for Whiteboard Video
Let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions of a first-time whiteboard scriptwriter, and how they can be addressed.