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You've made a whiteboard video—great! Where should you showcase it? How about... everywhere? Read on for some great internal and external uses of whiteboard video.
Looking back over 2021, it's clear that ecommerce was the name of the game. Exploring the most significant trends of the year can help us plan for a successful 2022--where we can expect these trends to continue.

Tech Trends 2022

As we move beyond COVID-19, let's take a look at some of the most anticipated tech trends in 2022.
Whether or not you're in the legal field, understanding the judicial process is important--and you need the best possible explainer to make sure your audience internalizes those concepts. Whiteboard video is that explainer.
Most organizations use the language of brand compliance very seriously, and for good reason. What does it mean for a company to maintain brand compliance, and why does it matter?
Social media isn’t the sort of tool you wind up and forget about. You want your customers to engage with your social media platforms—and when they do, they want you to engage with them. Keep up with social media and keep retention high!
How do your users interact with the product? Are they posting online about it? Are they using it in combination with your other products? Keeping track will help you with product design going forward, and help you encourage social media and online celebration of your brand.
As the world continues to demand adaptation and growth from successful organizations, TruScribe looks at communication trends going into 2022!
Visual Storytelling in Dune
Dune is a film that tackles colossal issues, colossally—interplanetary politics, economics, war, religion—and strikingly personal concepts, intimately. Read on to see why this sci-fi phenomenon is taking the world by storm!