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Scribology at the Movies
Let's uncover Scribology's visual design principles at work in Jaws - one of history’s greatest films - to see how visual design choices make great cinema.
How to Write Online Scripts for B2B Companies

How to Write B2B Video Scripts

Follow these tips on how to write B2B video scripts that connect with your audience. You will drive interest, and soon revenue, to your brand.
Scriptwriting for Whiteboard Video
Let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions of a first-time whiteboard scriptwriter, and how they can be addressed.
5 best practices for using online whiteboards to make your team meetings more collaborative.
Authenticity is key to connection. At TruScribe, we value authenticity in business because it builds trust and confidence with your audience.
When to use video content marketing
In video format, content marketing can promote your business even better than traditional marketing. So when should you use video content marketing?
Localization tailors your message to your audience
Localization, or the modulation of your visual storytelling for different regional audiences and cultures, demands an understanding of your audience.
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How can content marketing improve sales?
Why does content marketing matter for sales? More awareness, especially coupled with positive feelings for the brand, consistently improves sales.
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YouTube Video Marketing
Let’s look at some of the ways to maximize video content marketing on YouTube, the second most popular search engine in the world.