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Freelance Illustrators Needed

We are looking for freelance illustrators and artists for a new project. If you have strong conceptual skills, clean linework drawing abilities, and can visualize an idea or keyword in a variety of ways, this project is for you.
Content Marketing Tips to Build Your Brand's Reputation
In today’s digital world, creating compelling content is the key to standing out. According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 63% of business don’t have a documented content strategy, and yet 86% of B2C marketers think content marketing is critical. Lack of direction could be to blame for this divide. It’s hard to know where to look for ideas, or how to determine what principles apply to your business goals and your brand's reputation.
creativity at work
Whether you find yourself in a traditionally creative line of work, or your industry is most creative when planning the company holiday party, there are many ways to improve the day to day flow of creative energy. Here are a handful.
iconic simple graphics

The Power of Simple Graphics

Take a step back, think big picture, and let’s discuss why simple graphics (we call them glyphs) should be your gold standard.
Design Thinking 101

Design Thinking 101

Because it’s innately intertwined with storytelling and emotion, marketing is an ideal climate for design thinking. And its iterative, cooperative approach lends itself well to scaling for companies big or small.
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B2B Marketing Video Trends
As video marketing has emerged as the leader of the content marketing pack, it can be cumbersome to keep up with current trends, not to mention expensive and time-consuming to deliver loads of video. The good news? You can keep it simple and still succeed. Take our advice, and you’ll be ditching antiquated talking head videos for fresh new video in no time.
Using Virtual Whiteboards in Video Conferencing
Modern video conferencing is a streamlined solution for helping people feel like they’re in the same room, but does it really move the needle as far as problem solving or idea sharing? One way to alleviate some of the more common pitfalls of the video conference call is to employ a virtual whiteboard.
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Video Marketing or Video Advertising
Though it may seem like the terms “video marketing” and “video advertising” are interchangeable, the two are related but not identical. Curious how they differ? Read on!
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Trying to create a content marketing strategy without using video nowadays is like trying to cross a river without a floating device. You might be able to do it, but the chances are you will arrive exhausted, frustrated, and wet. Here is a guide that will help you choose the right video to cross that river, depending on which stage of the buyer's journey you are trying to impact.