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simplicity in design
As a case study, brutalism helps us think about the value of simplicity in design. There's a reason the style was popular, and might be coming back. You can communicate a lot of messages by employing simple visual design.
Dark social channels aren’t some kind of sinister plot—they’re the channels that see over 80% of brands’ outbound sharing. It’s time to develop a dark social strategy and take advantage of… the dark side!
The Lizard Brain
Evolution isn’t a straight shot with a goal in mind. It’s a long, involved affair that frequently leaves dead ends and evidence of its processes. One of the most common kinds of evidence it leaves are vestigial elements. These are a sort of biological residue of previous forms. Tailbones and similar structures qualify as vestigial, as
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Like many of the performing arts, voiceover can often seem almost mystical to those of us who aren’t directly involved. Voice acting is a special kind of talent that necessitates being quick on the uptake, taking direction graciously, and adapting quickly to client needs. We’ve talked about this for years, but it’s important to remember, though, that
We examine our Scribology principles reflected in some of the best and most popular music videos of the last twenty years.
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Up to 75% of the population has some degree of fear of public speaking. You’re not alone, and we’ve got some tips to help you succeed with your next speech or presentation. With a focus on the right things and the right prep, you’ve got nothing to fear!
Ensure that your script doesn't need to change, even if this means delaying script finalization. A strong, intact script is worth it.
Everything’s easier with a template, right? Well, easy isn’t the point of a TruScribe project—success is. Our scriptwriting process is highly customizable and collaborative at the highest level, ensuring the best possible script for your video. Read on to learn more!