Stay current on trends on whiteboard animation, hand-drawn content, and creativity in business.


Big Boarding at a Conference

Top 3 common business challenges that can be addresses with graphic recording.

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Infographics are an appealing and affordable way to approach visual storytelling. The best infographics communicate quickly, clearly, and visually, and can be a highly powerful way to appeal to visual learners.

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Graphic facilitation or graphic recording brings an artist to you, either live during meetings or conferences, or in a digital meeting.

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Tips on adding audio to your video wisely.

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What is Scribology?

Scribology is Science + Art Creating great content doesn’t only mean great art. When TruScribe started creating whiteboard animation videos in 2011 we knew we wanted to create more than just fun videos. We looked to science to figure out what would make our videos stick. We know that our clients need their videos to

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For Better Meetings, Ditch Boring Presentations Are you still driving the same car you drove in 1987? Your answer is likely no, and your reasons are probably numerous: That car’s inefficient by 2019 standards it’s broken down; it’s just plain ugly! But there’s something else that’s been around since 1987 that you’re either using or

Emerging Video Trends in 2019

2019 Trends for Online Video According to the oft-cited Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecast, by 2022 a whopping 82% of all IP traffic will be video. Currently, on YouTube alone, there are over a billion hours of video watched per day. This unprecedented high volume of video means that now more than ever, to

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Play the Long Game or Keep it Snappy? Video has evolved: no longer just a fraction of your overall content strategy, it’s now a powerhouse and a necessity, featuring in numerous content marketing campaigns and factoring into key components of training and development. There’s a simple reason video’s so ubiquitous: people love it! Video’s a

Our Tagline History is Revealing

We shared the evolution of our logo a few weeks ago. The tagline is another story. It has changed many times as we have grown and expressed the changes in who we were working with and what value we brought them. First Attempt Our first tagline, “Give Your Voice a Video” reveals our initial mentality,