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In these days of 24/7 connection and mobile everything, the impact of videos on sales and marketing is a no-brainer for marketers and sales reps. The question now is – how do you write a compelling whiteboard video script? That of course depends on your product or service and your target market to a large

Whiteboard Animation Case Study Volkswagen’s Got Game   The Volkswagen brand is known for its engineering excellence, forward-thinking product styling, and its creative marketing. (Darth Vader anyone?) This creativity is part of the corporate culture, so it’s not surprising Volkswagen’s After Sales Curriculum Designer, Darrin Martin, came up with a uniquely fun and effective way

2016 Want to tell the world about your amazing nonprofit? Apply now for consideration- your nonprofit could receive a full-service TruScribe whiteboard animation video at no cost. TruScribe is passionate about helping your nonprofit succeed. Since 2011, TruScribe has created pro bono whiteboard animation videos for many nonprofits, including: DevEd, Blank on Blank, Magazine Literacy, Things

Glyphs! Wait, What is a Glyph?

It’s easy to think that GLYPHS are the same as GIFs or Emoticons, but there’s more we can do with them. We’re glyph-fanatics, and we’re happy to spread our glyph knowledge with you. We even created the only app in existence for creating glyphs. You can learn more here. In a sentence, glyphs are simple, meaningful

Today Is The Worldwide Release of TruScribe Whiteboard Animation Software.     We’ve worked in software development for two years to bring the coolest business tool to our long-time customers and introduce it to our new ones. TruScribe is known for its award-winning Video Productions Services, which include Fortune 500 customers and clients from NASA to Weird

 Announcing TruGlyph: An App for Creating the World’s First Global Visual Language! TruScribe, the world leader in whiteboard video, today announced the release of its iOS app that lets anyone create glyphs, images that animate as if drawn, and tag them with words and context. The free app, called TruGlyph™ – which is launching with

TruGlyph is a visual app and community that allows you to create glyphs that are meaningful to you and your life. Glyphs are images that animate as if drawn. They represent ideas, people, things, actions, feelings and more.Use TruGlyph to: Create: Draw glyphs that represent words and context Play: Choose which glyph you believe best

Create a Global Visual Language with TruGlyph The new app from TruScribe, the world leader in Whiteboard Animation, is called TruGlyph. This app is designed to give everyone worldwide the ability to communicate visually. “Glyphs” are the building blocks of this new visual language. With the TruGlyph app you use a stylus or your finger

Hello, iOS app user Community! Great news. With TruGlyph we will give everyone the ability to communicate visually. “Glyphs” are the building blocks of this visual language. iOS Apps , specifically the TruGlyph app you draw simple images that represent words and context and release them into the world. You can draw them, tag them and