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Alternatives to Live-Action Videos for Your Business
If your business is looking for a way to keep up video production and avoid the current risks of live-action filming, remember that you can communicate with video in other ways.
Visual Storytelling Case Study

Visual Storytelling: A Case Study

Telling a story visually can do remarkable things for your business and its messaging. Swatch's website is a great case study for visual storytelling.
Why use hand-drawn videos?
At TruScribe, we’re privileged to work with talented and experienced artists. Their hand-drawn images are exactly what our clients’ videos need to strengthen scripts and increase message retention. We recognize that it’s not just the strong images that bolster our videos. Our dedication to hand-drawn videos boosts engagement and retention just as much as the images themselves. Here
How to Write a Great Whiteboard Video Script
A whiteboard video script contains your message, and drives your video’s visual storytelling. How should you write a great whiteboard video script?
We at TruScribe are monitoring the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, carefully and updating our policies and procedures to respond to the evolving situation. If you have a project started or planned with TruScribe, we will get it done.
Process of Creativity and Innovation
The process of creativity and innovation can be learned and applied to every aspect of your business. These tips will help your team grow and innovate.
Components of a whiteboard video
From script to drawings, audio, filming, and editing, the components of your whiteboard video all serve the same purpose: to connect with your audience.
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Video vs. Written Content
Video is increasingly common and seemingly preferred over written content. Is video better than text? How should it influence your content production?
How to Improve Your Visual Storytelling
Follow these seven key tips to improve your visual storytelling practices to truly stand out to your clients and stakeholders.
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