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Raising awareness about an event or cause has never been easier than with Scribing. Use Scribing for communications to engage your audience.
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When it comes to reaching new and broader audiences with your marketing messaging, nothing does the job quite like Scribing.
Scribing provides strong visuals and principled content design to let you elevate your customer experience, products, and services.
By approaching your training and development with hand-drawn content we know you’ll see it in a new way.
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HR professionals use Scribing for simpler, more effective operations: to make a vital and complex position more straightforward and easily executed.
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Improve Sales with Visual Storytelling
Through emotion, visual confections, the right visuals, and a good story, you’ll see more engagement with your brand and higher sales numbers.
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The Lizard Brain
Evolution isn’t a straight shot with a goal in mind. It’s a long, involved affair that frequently leaves dead ends and evidence of its processes. One of the most common kinds of evidence it leaves are vestigial elements. These are a sort of biological residue of previous forms. Tailbones and similar structures qualify as vestigial, as
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The principle of surprise is a key element of TruScribe’s content creation style. It tells us that experiencing the unexpected has a rather specific effect in the brain.  It causes the brain to release the neurotransmitter dopamine, which causes the brain to become, and remain, curious. Of course, dopamine affects more than a person’s level
It takes a village to create a whiteboard animation video
The whiteboard video process is collaborative. Let’s take a look at the different roles and abilities that go into great whiteboard video.