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Why are Stories so Engaging?

At TruScribe, we’re big on the power of stories. Whether you’re using these carefully constructed tales to sell, to inform or to achieve some other purpose, there’s no doubt in our minds that presenting information in this manner is one of the most effective ways out there to ensure that your point is understood and

For over thirty years, Weird Al Yankovic has been pointing a funhouse mirror at popular culture. This latest album, “Mandatory Fun” proves that out. When Al Yankovic asked TruScribe to point that goofy mirror at our own industry with a whiteboard video…well, you can see what was intended up above.  Listen to “Mission Statement” and you can

Surprise Your Learners

  Surprise your learners with TruScribe training videos — a learning method that really works Wouldn’t it be great if you could just pour knowledge directly into employees’ heads? Because when it comes to training, providing the information is the easy part. What’s hard is getting them to actually absorb it, in a way that

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First off, It was a fantastic experience for our whole team to create a whiteboard video with Weird Al Yankovic. While it may seem like he’s just poking fun at corporate lingo, he’s actually doing us a favor. He’s pointing out a pitfall any of us could fall into. Jargon is an important part of

Learning From ATD

The entire TruScribe Team that attended ASTD ATD had a fun and productive time exhibiting. Washington D.C. provided nearly perfect weather and lots of great sites. We went to the International Conference with the express goal of making a meaningful impact on the Learning and Development community. The response we received from those who attended

In 2013, the team here at TruScribe really stepped up our game in terms of acquiring new business, meeting project goals, and making a unique product that impresses and astounds. And in the spirit of these successes, we were happy to provide whiteboard video messages for a number of nonprofit organizations, work that was completed

MobCon 2013 recently came and went. TruScribe was thrilled to have a presence at the conference. The second annual Mobile Conference, based in Minneapolis, is dedicated to the development and promotion of the emerging mobile industry. Presentations and vendors were there to help attendees understand the landscape as well as optimize their business offerings for

Whiteboard Videos – Meth – Breaking Bad

Dopamine! It’s not just for breakfast anymore. Technically, you eat it with every meal. You invite it along when you go shopping, it’s with you when you’re having sex, when you’re handing in a completed project, and it plays a supporting role in the hit AMC series, Breaking Bad. 4-(2-aminoethyl)benzene-1,2-diol (as the kids are most

Many people are not aware that the user experience is a central part of the design of a successful product. That experience involves the science and art of designing a product so that it is easy to use, meets expectations and business goals. There is an entire methodology behind designing a user experience. We’ve teamed