Elevate Your Customer Experience with Scribing: Sales

Looking for a way to shake up your sales cycle?  Or, better yet, looking for a way to speed up and shorten your sales cycle?  Well, we’ve got the answer you’re waiting for with Scribing as a Sales Solution—TruScribe’s unique content that engages customers and keeps your brand on their mind.

Let’s look at some great examples of Scribing for sales. 

You can Scribe to amplify a memorable call to action, possibly the most important part of your sales messaging. 

Don’t just suggest next steps for your customer—visualize those steps instead with art by TruScribe’s experts.

With the principled approach of Scribing, your call to action will be easily retained by your viewers. If your current sales calls to action aren’t bringing views to your homepage or generating leads, try boosting your signal with Scribing for a truly memorable instruction for viewers.

Think about your sales videos—and think about how much better they could be with a personalized message, drawn by TruScribe!

Show your leads you care with an individualized message and an engaging visual.  

With hand-drawn images and your contact’s name, interests, or whatever you choose to include, your message will feel authentic and sincere. Don’t send your communications without thought: invest in personalization, and Scribe your way into a great relationship with your customers.

Have a trade show coming up (eventually)?

Draw eyes to your booth with a hand-drawn infographic or video that showcases the features and benefits of your company.  Let’s face it, you need to differentiate yourself in a room full of interesting booths and presenters.  

Scribing can do exactly that: make your station memorable, and draw people in.  And when you need a few minutes to rest during a long day of talking and greeting, you can take that break knowing that your TruScribe visual will help keep interest up while you catch your breath.     

When it’s time for your next webinar, don’t lose audience engagement as your message is playing.

Use Scribing for consistent engagement and higher rates of retention.  If you’re seeing eyes glaze over before your web event is over, reevaluate how you’re presenting your material.

TruScribe’s principled content creation approach maintain engagement through an event through motion, surprise, and more. Watch eyes and heads turn to follow the attention-grabbing elements of each frame. And have the peace of mind of knowing that your message will be well-retained after the event.

Even before a trade show or webinar, bolster your event promotion by using Scribing to preview an event or meeting.

With a hand-drawn, engaging visual story, you’ll watch potential attendees become definite attendees.

Engage the experts and Scribe for a non-verbal visual story that will truly stand out.

Sometimes, the visual story you want to tell doesn’t need a lot of language to fill it out—or any language at all. That’s where TruScribe comes in.   

When it comes to localizing a message, a non-verbal visual story can be just the boost your sales efforts need. Forgo translation and other cultural barriers and get straight to clear communication by Scribing for a visual story without words.

Use a Video or Infographic Series as a Guide for Salespeople In the Field

Speaking of localization, think about Scribing for your salespeople in the field.  A strong salesperson can do a lot for your company—so imagine what they could do if armed with a fantastic TruScribe visual.

We know from numerous studies that our brains are far better at retaining information that is both audio and visual. Give your remote salespeople something engaging and memorable for their conversations with prospects, and watch the conversions rise.

And as those conversions go up, start making your customers a part of your sales efforts by Scribing to create customer testimonials.

There are few better ways to interest people in your brand than showing them relatable characters telling authentic stories about your services or product.  Add the engagement-boosting, retainable design principles that go into any Scribing project, and you’ve got a video that’s set for success.

Scribing for sales is a winning strategy.

With TruScribe’s unique methodology, our collection of guidelines that we refer to as Scribology, our content boasts the increased engagement and retention that can shorten your sales cycle and drive up interest in your brand.

Sell personally.

Showcase customer testimonials.

Draw people into upcoming events, and keep them engaged when they’re there.

Tell your visual story without words.

Make your call to action unforgettable.  

These are just some of the many ways that Scribing can generate more leads, increase conversions, and aid in customer retention.

More than anything, though, Scribing is versatile.

If you’ve got a plan for Scribing for success, in sales or otherwise, get in touch with us—we’d love to hear about it and discover how we can help meet your needs.

Let us know how you envision transforming your processes through Scribing!