Learn About the TruScribe Experience

At TruScribe we understand the frustration of messages trapped in “development hell,” never to see the light of day.

While most companies are quickly catching on to the potential that online video holds for attracting and engaging potential customers, the process of developing these compelling content pieces often goes awry. What starts out as a great idea quickly becomes trapped in a production queue, waiting on a team that ultimately won’t be able to deliver your product on time and within your budget.

Whether you’re planning to produce sales videos in-house or through external consultants, the process is typically the same. You’ll hear, “Yes, we can do that,” but then find yourself twiddling your thumbs, waiting on a production team that’s suddenly become less communicative.

The TruScribe Experience

So what’s a customer who wants to leverage the power of online video suppose to do? Well, for starters, why not work with the best?!

We at TruScribe don’t always like to toot our own horns but we do believe that there are a few key differentiating factors that set us apart from our competitors:

Our team knows how to connect with your audience.

We’re constantly studying online video trends, consumer psychology and a wealth of other topics in order to make our videos as engaging as possible. By understanding exactly what it is that holds a viewer’s attention, we’re able to craft high quality videos, ensuring that our customers get the biggest bang for their marketing bucks.

Our team knows how to produce videos for the web.

Too many internal teams take on the daunting task of video production without understanding the equipment or resources needed to make high-quality, effective video. Instead, using our extensive experience in the field, the TruScribe staff is able to turn around everything from web-ready video clips to 1080p HD video files that will look good in any sales situation.

Our team uses a proven process to guide video production.

We know how to avoid production delays, simply because our system is so well-established that it’s easy to stay on task and on deadline! When you need a web video finished on a tight schedule, don’t leave it to chance – leave it to the people who have perfected the process of supplying Fortune 500 companies with the materials they need to set their messages free.

Our team’s commitment to turning out consistently high-quality videos hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Though our company was founded in 2011, fairly young by many standards, we’ve had the chance to work with some major industry players – including Walmart, Microsoft, HP, Cargill and Paypal. These major companies know that they can rely on TruScribe – and you can bet that we’ll provide your company with the same level of service and attention when it comes to getting your whiteboard scribing video project finished on time and within your stated budget.

TruScribe visualizes words, ideas, and stories to change how people see, think, and act. If you have a project in mind or want to learn more, get in touch.