Video Scribing Success Story: British Airline Pilots Association

TruScribe provides a unique way of spreading your message, whether it’s to an audience as small as your start-up business or as big as an entire nation. British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) utilized TruScribe’s video scribing in 2012 to educate about a UK proposal that could potentially put flying safety at risk.

Message to the UK

Once the recession hit Europe, airline companies really started to feel the pressure to increase their staff productivity. The EU seemed to come up with a solution by proposing a new rule that would alter the flying time limitations placed on Britain Airline pilots. And though it seemed good in theory, BALPA stressed the rule as being misguided and potentially fatal.

If passed, the rule would allow pilots to fly at a state of fatigue equal to four times the legal blood alcohol limit for flying. With the UK having one of the best air safety records in the world, pilots are cautioning others that they do not want to wait for a fatal crash, like the Colgan Air Crash in New York, to show how dangerous fatigued flying is. BALPA came to TruScribe to create a video scribe encouraging the people in the UK to sign a petition against this new regulation.


TruScribe Connects

There is no better way to spread word faster than having something go viral in today’s day and age. Using a medium where you can showcase both an audio and visual message is vital. Here at TruScribe, our technique of video scribing uses constant motion to draw in the audience and make it easier to hold its attention for the duration of the video.

In this video, the repetitive use of the safety net image directly correlated to the assured security pilots and the people of the UK need.

TruScribe visualizes words, ideas, and stories to change how people see, think, and act. If you have a project in mind or want to learn more, get in touch.