Whiteboard Video Software vs Service

There’s no doubt that whiteboard video is a popular video type for training. You’ve likely seen it, used it, or maybe your team has even created one. Whiteboard videos provide a highly engaging and effective video format for transferring knowledge from the expert to the learner. While whiteboard animation is fairly black and white, the best way to integrate it into your curriculum is very gray. Below is a guide comparing the pros and cons of sourcing whiteboard videos and choosing the solution that best fits your team’s capabilities.

So let’s divide the gray up a bit to frame the option in broad strokes. The first two delineations will be whether you choose to create whiteboard videos in-house or look for support from a vendor. If you have the creativity and talent in your team then bringing whiteboard video production in-house may be the right move. If you choose that route then you have to decide whether you build-out the studio for filming whiteboard videos or use a software/digital solution to emulate whiteboard videos.

If you don’t have the creativity and talent, or you want your talent to focus on other areas of content, then you may be better served finding a partner to help you create whiteboard videos.

Digital/Software Whiteboard

If you have designers on staff and they are eager to create their own whiteboard videos, a software solution may be right for your team. There are a number of solutions to choose from that allow you to select images from a library, record a voice over, synchronize the audio and images, and then output to a video format. Some of the tools are as simple as Powerpoint and with a bit more effort designers can create custom imagery. The major benefit of digital whiteboard video is the low initial investment in tools, and it does a lot of the editing work for you. It also allows the designer to focus on the content rather than the technical bits. We recognize the value in this option and even worked closely with the Squigl team to develop their whiteboard software. 

Time requirements will vary based on how customized you want your result to be, but are generally low as well. However, they are more cookie-cutter and lose some of the human element. One aspect of the whiteboard video that people really respond to is the human hand. As people we are drawn to the human form, it’s familiar and it provides the most movement which attracts the viewer’s attentions. Watching someone really drawing adds authenticity to the experience and the message. The hand even becomes a guide or friend through the message.

Build Your Own Whiteboard Studio

An alternative in-house option is to build your own whiteboard production setup and train/hire an artist or artists to draw for you. This solution gives you the most control of the output without losing the human element in the video. Setting up your own studio does require more investment up front with equipment and training. Creating your own videos by hand takes more production time than the digital method but it will be on par with other forms of high-quality production. With more investment, building your own whiteboard studio will allow you to create more effective whiteboard training videos specific to your needs.

Find a Whiteboard Video Partner

If your team is taxed or you’re eager to get started without the trial and error of the first two options, then finding a whiteboard video provider could be the right bet for you. The major benefit of working with a service is that they have gone through trials and errors and their experience will produce better whiteboard video. They are likely ready to get started soon after your order is finalized and will have good turn-around times. Like any vendor, it can be difficult to find an outside team that you can rely on. If their focus is solely on the art and the whiteboard techniques, then there’s also risk that they won’t be able to visualize your unique content adequately.

Whiteboard video companies tend to form in two ways. A company that grew out of a video production studio, is likely reliable in production but will expect higher billings for a project. A company that started as an individual artists can be inexpensive but can lack the systems and structure to be reliable.

Why TruScribe is a Good Partner

TruScribe provides whiteboard video services to our clients and there are a few things that do set us apart from other whiteboard video services. First is Scribology, which is our unique method for creating whiteboard video, based on neuroscience and behavioral psychology. It allows us to understand what makes this style inherently effective in order to be intentional in its usage and amplify its effect, and we’ve honed it further for training and development. We utilize smart creatives who write scripts that capture each message in its simplest form and draw images that support but do not detract from that message. Our processes allow your team and our team to move through the process in a predictable manner with consistent output.

TruScribe visualizes words, ideas, and stories to change how people see, think, and act. If you have a project in mind or want to learn more, get in touch.