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Video Marketing Best Practices

Dos and Don’ts for Video Content

For conversions, revenue boosts, and more from your marketing video, think about how you produce it. Here are some tips for successful video marketing.
7 Secrets of Successful Video Marketing
Video marketing is a powerful and effective way to market. These seven secrets can help you make sure your video marketing is on the path to success.
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Use Design Thinking for Digital Transformation
Digital transformation has proved to be tough for many businesses and agencies. Design thinking can bring empathy to the process.
At TruScribe, we’re proud to say that we’ve got the best of both worlds, in personnel and in principle to consistently create the best whiteboard animation videos. Our team is made up of hardworking, experienced professionals. Our production is steered by guidelines that promote effective whiteboard video content time and time again. These guidelines are
Drawing in the News
Visual communication has existed since long before the Internet – scientists estimate some symbols etched in the walls of caves have existed for 30000+ years. The seeds of what we now call animation were planted in 1833, when the phénakisticope was introduced. Soon after that, the zoetrope and the flipbook were invented. Concurrently, drawing was
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Creativity in HR FAQ's
HR functions as a buzzing hub where talent and culture merge to make the workplace better for everyone. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about bringing creativity into HR.
Scribe for Action 2020
Scribe For Action Applications are open from Monday, March 2nd through Wednesday, April 15th, 2020.
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Diving Into Design Thinking
We’ve compiled 20 of our favorite design thinking resources for Design Thinking, featuring practices and methodology to fit any industry.
A Day in the Shoes of a Graphic Recorder

What Does a Graphic Recorder Do?

Have you ever wondered what a graphic recording event is like for one of TruScribe’s artists? Well, now’s your chance to find out. Put on the VR goggles of your imagination and step into the shoes of a TruScribe graphic recorder.